Blogger Nge WordPress?


Ziah tur a tam duh khop ang le! A khoi hi nge thra zawk tih chungchanga ihnialna liantham tak chawk chhuak thei khawpin heng ‘blogging platform’ pahnih te hian hmangtu(user base) an nei hrawl dun hle. Blogger hi

Pyra Labs ho siam ani a, 2003 khan Google in a lei ani. WordPress erawh hi chu Matt Mullenweg an 2003 kumah vek b2/cafelog source code hmanga a siam ani.

blogger vs wordpress

A khawihi hi nge thra zawk ang tih ngaihdan kan siam awlsam nan an ‘features’ threnkhat te han khaikhin chhin ila.

1.Themes and customization

BLOGGER: Template layout a edit theih bakah, CSS/style, color leh third party theme thlengin a hman theih.

WORDPRESS: Template layout edit theih loh. Paid upgrade hmangin CSS erawh a edit theih.

2.Visitor statistics

BLOGGER: Third party tracker script hmangin visitors track theih.

WORDPRESS: Script hman theih loh. Admin dashboard ah ni hnih chhung a statistics erawh en theih.

3.Contact forms

BLOGGER: Third party contact form hmangin siam theih.

WORDPRESS: Post ah emaw page ah square bracket ([)contact form(]) close square bracket hmangin awlsam takin a siam theih.


BLOGGER: Comment moderate theih mahse edit theih loh.

WORDPRESS: Moderate leh edit theih. Askimet spam protectin awm bawk.


BLOGGER: Picasa web album hmangin siam theih.

WORDPRESS: Square bracket ([)gallery(]) close square bracket tih tag hmang awlsam takin siam theih.

Heng bakah hian Widget chungchangah poh ziah belh tur tam tak a awm. Engpawhnise, a chunga mi te khi an inanlohna lian tham tlemte zinga mi ani a. Blog siam thar tum tan chuan Blogger hi a thrat na lai a tam zawk mah ang. CSS a edit theih lohna te, third party script a install theih lohna te hi WordPress blog hmang te tan a thil buaithlak ani.

Heng blogging platform chungchanga update te hi heng linkah te hian i chhiar thei ang

*To be updated

‘Childhood Days’ Blogger Template

Click on the image for a working demo

I had this plan to create a childish Blogger template some times back and thankfully, that mission is accomplished today. The template is pretty simple and is very small in size (12kB approx). Page loading is quite fast one factor being the use of only one image i.e. for the header which is compressed. So go, use this template and relive your childhood days :-)





Note: Any problems regarding the installation of this template will be addressed in the comments section.

Also Read: Librio Blogger Template

CSS Poem

If I could just [margin:0] the distance between you and me,
And [position:absolute] you right inside my heart

I’ll [text-decoration:underline] my promises,
I’ll be honest to you, I’m so [background:transparent] you can see me through

[Cursor:help], Oh how I’m so in love with you.

You’re so [!important]to me,
[I border: 3px solid] pink your smile in my mind…

My heartbeat goes [padding:5px] and [padding:2px] alternately when I think of you,
Please don’t leave me
Else I’ll [float:none] and crash to the ground…

P.S. The striked out words are the value of the CSS selector. Would’ve made much more  sense if you’re a geeky-poet-wannabe:-)

Librio Blogger Template

Here is my little gift to my fellow Blogger dot com bloggers. I have converted the Libero WordPress Theme by deniart into blogger format.

Click on the image for a working demo


To change the navigation link at the header to your own link find this part of the code

<div id=’nav’>
<li class=’current_page_item’><a expr:href=’data:blog.homepageUrl’>Home</a></li>
<li class=’page_item’><a href=’; title=’About this blog’>About</a></li>
<li class=’page_item’><a href=’; title=’Say hello to Keichala’>Pages</a></li>
<a expr:href=’data:blog.homepageUrl + “feeds/posts/default”‘ id=’feed’>Subscribe</a>

and change it to your own like these…

<div id=’nav’>
<li class=’current_page_item’><a expr:href=’data:blog.homepageUrl’>EDIT ME</a></li>
<li class=’page_item’><a href=’YOUR LINK HERE‘ title=’About this blog’>EDIT ME</a></li>
<li class=’page_item’><a href=’YOUR LINK HERE‘ title=’Say hello to Keichala’>EDIT ME</a></li>
<a expr:href=’data:blog.homepageUrl + “feeds/posts/default”‘ id=’feed’>EDIT ME</a>

You can download it for FREE HERE! (3.4kB only)

or HERE(@btemplates)

or HERE(@bloggerstyles)

Note: The CSS is not validated and I am still working on it.

Blogs of Note

24 hours has passed since i use wordpress and I totally like the friendly looks and the drag and drop widget to be published on the sidebar.  All that I need now is a few bucks to let me customize my css. It really feels weird when you use a pre-made or custom template.All I need is some time :-)

Now, for my first official post I would like to make a list of  some blogs which are worth mentioning. These are some of the criteria for my official listings, ahem:

  • Blogs in Mizo /owned by Mizo
  • Blogs that I’ve visited often in the last 6 months
  • Only WordPress and Blogspot blogs

1. Illusionaire

The first thing that came to mind when you think of blogging and Mizo is Mr.Sandman, the owner of mizohican[dot]blogspot[dot]com and the father of ‘Mizo Bloggers’. The first time I came across his blog was in mid-2006 when I was still a newbie on the blogging world.


  • Top of the class in terms of content
  • Frequently updated
  • Fast loading, few HQ images on templates
  • Dark and greenish theme with a white Trebuchet MS font, beautiful!


  • The link bar below the header looks a bit cluttered
  • None

2. Here I go again

The father of the Sphinx-clan and ex-ck king at mIRC, he is really a young writer in the making. He is good at what he does best, writing.


  • Superb content, always so original


  • Frequent modification/change of templates

3. Suankual

Another product of Montfort Hills, the owner Lalengzuala Khawlhring  is no less than a geek. The still-young suankual[dot]com has a lot to offer. Since it is written in Mizo the target audience is no so vast but is really a blessing for the tech-hungry Mizos.


  • User-designed themes
  • Good typography
  • Fast loading


  • The tabbed navigation at the sidebar needs to be worked on

Other blogs of note:

  1. Thinchhia
  2. My Cup Runneth Over…
  3. Unjustifiable Sin
  4. Inside My Head
  5. Zo Aw
  6. Thlawhbawk

P.S. The above listings and comments are not made by a veteran WordPress or Google blogger. Do not fume :-)


Dummy Post

This wordpress blog will serve as a playground for my online activities until I have the means to get a domain and hosting services. Well, duh!


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